Castle tour of the Dutch Visa Club, October 14, 2001

October 14, the Dutch Visa Club held a interesting tour around the castles of Aarle-Rixtel, Helmond, Gemert, Heeswijk and Sint-Oedenrode, all in the Province of Noord-Brabant. It was a fine and sunny October Sunday and a quite a few members and their cars turned up. A colourful crusade of Visas and related cars brightened up the beautiful landscape, and made the locals turn their heads.
Visas, LNs and C15s gather at
the starting point in Aarle-Rixtel.
Left: the organisation, ready for take off.
Right: a glimpse of the starting field.
Left: the club halts in front of the castle of Aarle-Rixtel. Right: a certain Saxo driver tried to mix with the Visas, and was liberally tolerated... (photo © Monieke Kroft).
The tour heads for the next castle... (photo © Monieke Kroft) considerable speed! (photo © Monieke Kroft)
Time to stop and visit the castle of Gemert.
Not bad, but no big deal for people who live by the slogan "My 
car is my castle"...
Passers by stopped to have a look at the cars: especially in convoy, our cars do not fail to impress. Engine and paint of this '87 11RE are virtually as new!
Left and right: Like always, there was tea and coco from the kitchen in Angela's two cylinder Visa (photo right © Monieke Kroft).