Workshop day of the Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001

The workshop day of the Dutch Visa Club on November 24, 2001, proved to be a very succesful event. Many Visa drivers, even some non members, enjoyed the expert advice of the mechanics at Garage Boll in Leerdam, not far from Utrecht.


Left: some members learned a lot about their car. Visas get older and older, and tend to be driven on a tight budget, but sometimes problems can not be solved without major investments.
Right: just like in the eighties: a workshop full of Visas!

Right: 1986 two cylinder model was one of the best cars of the day. Far right: first series Visa Club of 1981 by far the oldest car present.

Above left: cheerful atmosphere in pleasently crowded Boll workshop. Some seldom seen cars turned up, like my own GT (left) and a rare 1984 Olympique (above right).