Brabant spring tour of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club, March 17, 2002

The Dutch Visa Club held their first tour for 2002 in the region of Oss in Brabant. The tour was organized by enthousiastic club member Paul Jansen, owner of one of the best kept Visas in the country. Nine members and their cars made the trip to the starting point in the centre of the village of Zeeland. The day started good, with nice weather, but after some time the rain started pooring down. A Visa enables comfortable driving in bad weather, however, and the cafés in Brabant are cosy and warm.
Top: Paul Jansen's pride and joy, a 1987 Visa 11 RE in really good condition, decorated with the buckler of the tour. Right: the church of Zeeland marked the starting point. Far right: my own GT GerriT had his first real club outing



Left: Visa Club with extensive spoiler set. Right: local church-goers were treated to a rare sight of numerous Visas.



Right and far right: first stop was held in Ravenstein.



Far left: club life at its best. Left: after coffee, the skies opened up and the only present Décapotable had to be shut.



Left: small dykes are ideal for caravans of Visas. Right: the second stop in Oijen was, due to the not so good weather, only a short one. Bike tried to impress club members, but failed painfully.

Right: nice variety of cars present, ranging from first series two cylinder to GT. Far right: the tour came to an end in Paul's home village Nistelrooij. A passer by burst out in a spontaneous song of praise for the cute little Citroëns.



And while the cars took their well deserved rest after a challenging drive (left), their drivers had a good time together (below left). Weather had become worse by now, but could not harm the good spirit.