Visa represented in factory museum Le Conservatoire du Patrimoine de Citroën

Sometimes it seems like Citroën never built any car by the name of Visa at all. Dealer interest has been zero since many years ago. The recently opended Citroën museum Le Conservatoire du Patrimoine de Citroën, however, lodges some very special Visas. The part of the collection that concentrates on this former Citroën best seller biases on the sport and rallye models. Present are examples of the mid engined 4WD Visa Lotus, the Chrono, the Trophée and the Mille Pistes. Regrettably, the collection is not open for the public. It is a shame that one of the car manufacturers with a truly interesting heritage does not realize the major possibilities to exploit this heritage in a somewhat more creative way... Read more on Le Conservatoire in the special pages at Citroënet.


  Many very interesting cars over here, but they all remain behind closed doors (photo Citroën)