Citromobile 2002

During the weekend of the fourth and the fifth of May, the Veemarkt in Utrecht was the place to go for all Citroën loving Europe. As allways, Citroënists came from all countries to meet their fellow Citroën drivers. The large parking sites were full with all types you can imagine. Central theme for the show inside the Veemarkthallen was Citroën in advertising. The Dutch Visa Club was one of the clubs who offered to build a stand, inspired by the famous "driving school" tv-commercial, featuring the then new Visa II.
Top left: the Visa club theme stand incorporated three blue Visas, disguised as driving school cars. The car "in the water" in the background is Polleke. Top right: in the parking lot, members of the Visa Club collected with their cars. Bottom: restored Series one Visa Club was one of the many cars for sale.
Left: not only the stand of the Visa Club contained Visas. The Frisian Citroën Club built this joyful scene. The dummy in the Visa (a II L model) impersonated our national darling princess Maxima, who, as we all know, is in reality some kind of dummy behind the wheel... Right: outside, the sale went on, especially among the Visas GTi that were present: almost all were for sale, like this tidy example.
Left: ther cars in the exposition were some sporty derivates, like this loud Citroën CX rally. Right: specialist stands had some very nice cars on show, like this apple green 2CV6.
Left: There was a relatively wide choice of open top DS models for sale. Right: six door XM attended the Veemarkt on the Friday before the show.
Left: vehicles in the car park included some easy restauration projects... Right: ...some candidates for slight cosmetics...
Left: ...some surface rust. Right:...some slightly faded paint...
Left and right: ...and, of course, some happy interpretations of originality.
Left: recently imported 2CV of Belgian production. Right: original seventies 2CV6.
Left: 2CV6 Transat. Right: 2CV4 Spécial.
Left: 2CVs from all countries in all variations. Right: 15CV-6 one of few Tractions that came to Utrecht.
Left: Belgian Ami 6 in as new condition. Right: Ami 8 Break and Ami 6 Service.
Left: another example of many good Amis that could be admired. Right: Ami 6 Break flanks early GS.
Left: Despite flimsiness desirable: rare Ami Super. Right: original 1972 GS Club.
Left: interesting GS Birotor. Right: immaculate GSA Pallas.
Left: GSA Cottage Break is rare action model. Right: British DS 21 one of uncountable DSs end IDs
Left: early CX 2000. Right: CX 25 Prestige.
Left: one corner of the car park was reserved for a collection of outrageous CX varieties. Fancy to seek a lock up for this car? Right: SM is by far not the most uncommon Citroën these days, but remains a wonderful car.
Left: One of the most uncommon Citroëns to be had might be the LNA 11E Canelle... Right: ...or the BX 4TC.
Left: HY, originating from French pompiers, did not need to bring any water. Right: Panhard 24B was only Panhard spotted during the weekend.