Autumn tour of the Dutch Visa Club 2002

On November 3, 2002, the annual autumn tour of the Dutch Visa Club was held. In the beautiful scenery of the region around Zutphen, a collection of about 12 Visas and C15s gathered. The weather was quite reasonable as well, especially during stops. This, and the absence of any mechanical problems, turned the tour into another successful day in the history of the club.
Left: the competitors from the western part of the country collected at the motorway parking place near De Meern. Right: one of the cars present was this pretty 1988 two cylinder. It was found derelict outside a work shop last year, and found its way back to the road after a slight, merely cosmetical restauration.
Far left: starting point of the actual tour was the village of Vorden. Left: the earliest Visa present was this 1982 Super E.
Below: another view of the car park at the start in Vorden. In the front is Hakke, who is in dare need of restauration. See the call of its owners at the top of this page. Right: Angela, moving power of the club, celebrated her birthday, and was presented a bunch of flowers. Far right: an interior view of the restaurant which formed the base of the tour.
Clockwise from far left: a scene from the first part of the tour; Polleke tries to keep up with the 14 S in front of her; Dutch skies over a parade of Visas; sometimes even the sun showed up.
First stop was in the Netherlands' smallest town Bronkhorst (above). Things you can store in a C15 Romahome are many beercans and a box of small doggies, who turned out to be very popular among the club members (right). One of the pittoresque places in Bronkhorst (far right).
Left: the caravan prepares for the second half of the tour. Right and below left: in the club, two cylinders, four cylinders, fast Visas and C15s all unite.
Left and below: a splashing drive along a muddy forest road formed a joyful intermezzo. Passers by were less amused, though... Most cars finished the tour a lot dirtier than they started it
Three two cylinders with a connection: our own blue car Polleke and the white car were both rescued with the help of Angela Bruurmijn, who is the proud owner of the red car.