Citromobile 2003
The 2003 edition of the yearly international Citroen meeting and fair Citromobile was held in the weekend of May 3 and 4, as ever in the Veemarkthallen in Utrecht. Thousands and thousands of Citrophiles made their way to the event. The theme of this year's edition was 'Citroën and sports'. We give you a short impression of the things we saw.
The Dutch Visa Club thought a football ground would be an original idea to illustrate the sporting side of the Visa. And so the entrance of the Veemarkthallen turned into a sward.
  Roman did his best to proof he knows how to deal with greenery...
Left: ...others preferred to keep an eye on potential goals to be scored. Right: Only the cows failed (right)
Far left: interesting DS 'Le Caddy' Cabriolet by Chapron was brought in by very long XM Plateau Tissier. Left: DS rally monster made all the right noises
Soccer team of Visas consisted of white cars. Goalkeeper was a gaudy but solid, multicoloured 14 TRS, which was quite recently bought by one of the memebers for only 50.
Above left: Visa stand was popular as a picknick site. Above right: one of the show stoppers was this amazing Visa Chrono, which restoration was finished just a few days before the event. Even more special was the Visa Mille Pistes (shown below), offered for sale inside the hall. With only 494 kms on the clock, asking prize of 8750 was stiff, but realistic. At the end of day two, it was sold to a happy new owner, since then probably the most envied man in Visaville.
Board members and others were doing their best to promote the Dutch Visa Club to the max.

Left: intensively restored 2CV Charleston. Right: very well kept 1976 GS Club.

Left: many CXs in Utrecht, including this nice 1976 2200 Pallas. Right: owner of this DS has no fear for thieves .
Left: appropiate plate on this German AZU. Right: SMs had a tendency to destroy themselves on their way to Utrecht. This one spoiled its expensive headlight cover, another went up in flames a few hundred metres before it reached the Veemarkt.
Left: LNs and LNAs were hardly spotted, but this LNA was in very good order. Right: on saturday, Polleke (background left) was kept company by a good and original 1971 Ami 8 Berline.
Left: nicely restored German Ami Super Berline. Right: interesting and rare GS Service from Britain.
Left: popularity of GSA is still growing with enthousiasts. This 1983 GSA X3 was one of the best ones present. Right: good sunny weather ideal for a trip in this 2CV Radar.
Left: well restored 2CV AZL. Right: 1977 CX Prestige in very seventies colour scheme.
Left: prewar 11 Conduite Intérieure. Right: not exactly original, but this Swiss DS modification was very tastful executed nontheless.
Left: DS 'Le Dandy' coupé. Right: Bond 2CV from Germany.
Left: 15-6 H, or: how low can you go. Right: DS hearse must be something to look out for for the real DS fanatic.
Left: GSA X 1.2 from Slovenia at the stand of the Dutch GS/GSA club. Right: structural fragility mars most Dyanes today. This Dyane 6 looked much better than average.
Left: DS Fourgon by Tissier unpopular with car washing boys next door. Right: the only Axel spotted, its condition being far from concours.