Spring meeting of the Dutch Visa Club, May 9-11, 2003
The Dutch Visa Club held a camp out meeting in Zoeterwoude (near Leiden) during the weekend of May 9-11. Metereological conditions were, unexpectedly, very good. About ten members and their cars attended the weekend or a part of it.
Left: SVR-camping 'Rustdam' formed a very suitable scenery for the meeting. Right: towing the Hostojehonie to Zoeterwoude was a piece of cake for GerriT.
Left and right: various equipment, not necessarily Visa.
Left: nice variety of types, from series one Club to 14S and from C15 to Décapotable. Right: tour on saturday lead through the pretty 'Green Heart' of the province of Zuid-Holland.
Right, far right and below: within the tour, a visit to the workshops of the well known restorer Bart Holland in Boskoop was included. Holland himself received the club with coffee and guided the collective on an interesting tour through his business.
Left: Visas on the twisty roads near Boskoop. Right: waiting for a crossing by ferry, of which two were included.
Right: loadful of Visas on ferry a rare sight. Far right: a tour through the Dutch landscape is not complete without a photo stop near a windmill.
Left: another ferry. Right: back at the camping: barbecue time!
Far left: early mood on sunday morning. Left: after breakfast, it's time to break up and wave goodbye.