Eurocitro 2003, Le Mans

In 2000, the first Eurocitro meeting was held on the famous Le Mans circuit. In the weekend of August 22-24, 2003, the second edition of this large event was held. Over the weekend, more than 2200 Citroëns of all types visited the circuit. A highlight was the record breaking que of 1368 Citroën cars on the circuit on Saturday afternoon. A similar effort in 2000 produced a number of 897 cars. In a seperate exhibition was a show of special versions of historic Citroëns, featuring among others a Visa II West End, an 11 RE Platine, the Visa Lotus and a Paris Dakar rally car.
Left: an overview of the Visas, present at Eurocitro 2003. The rather young Visa Chrono Club de France presented itself with a celebration of the 20th birthday of the Visa Chrono. A large number of the type had come to Le Mans, including this recently restored Dutch example (right).
Left: standard of cars on show was generally very high. Right: following of the Traction Avant is in France bigger than anywhere.
Left: immaculate C6 one of many pre war cars to be admired. Right: Traction camionette
Left: Beautiful Rosengart Supertraction. Right: very rare Traction based Splendilux roadster.
Left: Type 55 fire engine. Right: 1959 DS 19 in Rally de Monte Carlo guise.
DS "Le Paris" (left) and DS 21 Injection "Lorraine" (right), both by Chapron.
Left: charming 2CV sports version by Barbot. Right: very early 2 CV, equipped with single rear light.
More special versions by Chapron: SM Mylord (left) and SM Opéra (right).
Left: Panhard 24 CT and PL 17. Right: two cylinders gathering for the track record.
Left: a few of the 1368 cars, breaking the record of 2000. Right: over the weekend, many interesting Citroëns crowded the historic city of Le Mans.