Visa World Meeting, Meerkerk

In the weekend of August 29-31, 2003, the Dutch Citroën Visa Club organized a World Meeting in Meerkerk. Possibly due to the pessimistic weather forecast, the expected participation of Visa owners from Britain, France and Belgium held off, but there was a considerable presence of cars from The Netherlands and Germany. Alltoghether, about 40 cars came to the meeting, most of them Visas and C15s. With the weather turning out to be quite good, the participants lived to see a very joyful meeting.
Above: camping site De Victorie offered a appropriate accomodation for the large group of Visa lovers attending the weekend. Right: central figure in the organization of the meeting, Angela Bruurmijn, welcoming the participants on saturday morning.
Left: The extensive meeting magazine got positive reactions. Right: gorgeous Mille Pistes was by far the most admired car.
Above and below: one of the highlights was the tour on saturday afternoon, which led the queue of Visas through the wonderful scenery around Leerdam.  
Left: tops had to be shut when sudden rain appeared. right: German participants offered welcome enthousiasm and quality to the meeting.
Left and far left: nice variety of cars coulb be seen in Meerkerk.
Right: what will you find at the end of the rainbow? Far right: old and "new" happily together.
Visa owners sharing pleasant moments together during barbecue (left) and lottery (right).
Above and right: impressive clouds and pittoresque views decorated the second tour on Sunday.