Spring tour of the Dutch Visa Club, April 2004
On April 18, 2004, the spring tour of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club was held in the region of Bodegraven. Prior to the tour, the annual meeting for the members of the club took place. Like usual, most attendants to the meeting and the tour belonged to the the hard core of the club. Nonetheless, the event was a success.
Left: the farm of a friend of a board member in De Meije was the starting point of the tour. Right: C15 D wheelchair cab (left) and recently imported C15 D with the new 1.9 engine, derived from the Berlingo's.
Top and bottom left: Visas and C15s parked everywhere indicate the club's presence. Top right: old and new: C15s of 1986 and 2003. Bottom right: an old farmhouse...
Right: ... makes a pleasant combination with the cutest car of the eighties. Far right: Soup was included.
New club warehouse was presented to the members. Champagne accompanied its inauguration.
Tour offered a fine ride through the pittoresque countryside.