The 13th ICCCR in Interlaken, August 13-15, 2004
On August 7, 2004, we left with four other members of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club for Interlaken, Switzerland, to visit the 13th edition of the International Citroën Car Club Rally (ICCCR). The convoy was formed by wo 11 RE Décapotables, a 14 TRS, a GT Spirit 330 and our own GT. The journey to Interlaken was not without technical problems, but in the end all cars made it to the ICCCR.
Left: the crews gather in the early morning of August 7 in Valkenburg. Right: GT GerriT had an early puncture after a few hours in the Ardennes. The Michelin TRX at the front right burst in a big way and could not be saved.
Right: incidental showers sometimes caught the occupants of the Décapotable by surprise. Far right: first stop was in a cosy pension in the German village Bollendorf, close to the border with Luxemburg.
Left: line up of Visas in Bollendorf. Right: the second part of the journey led us to a camping site in Pairis, near Orbey, France.
Far left: Visas at rest in Pairis. Left: floral 2 CV greets the convoy in a village in the Alsace.
Left: the convoy covers the first kilometers in Switzerland. Right: climbing up the Passwang was too much for Milly, the brown Décapotable of my brother Maarten.
Far left: fuel pump was the first suspect. Left: The GT Spirit 330 was sent to the nearest Citroën garage in search for a replacement pump - in vain. On the way back, the Spirit encountered gearbox problems, but driver Peter van Embden succeeds in fixing it.
Right: when your car breaks down on a Swiss mountain pass, what can you do better than play Twister? Far right: finally, the Swiss TCS road patrol comes to tow Milly to the Citroën garage in Balsthal.
Left: descending down the pass without servo was not a very relaxing experience. Right: Milly is left in Balsthal.
Without Milly, the group arrives under heavy rainfall in Lütschental, near Interlaken. The next day, the sun shines again.
The very helpful garagist in Balsthal quickly localizes the real problem with Milly: a faulty hose in the fuel system! Maarten gladly collects her.
Far left: group portrait in Lütschental. Left: the roads in and around Interlaken are being taken over by classic Citroëns.
Left: Many Interlaken shop windows were dressed using the Citroën theme. Right: Interlaken airport formed an atmospheric ambience for the ICCCR.
Right: heavy rainfall turned the ICCCR camping into a mud pool. Far right: line up of Visas on the Interlaken air strip.
Not many Visas were seen, but there were some very good ones, like a GermanGT Tonic (left) and a Swiss Visa II Club (right).
Far left: parts market was well supplied. Left: 70th birthday of the Traction Avant was celebrated with an impressive exposition.
Right: beautiful 2CV Spot. Far right: CX 25 RI.
Far left: Diesel engined GS. Left: UMAP coupé on 2CV platform.
Right: DS 21 Le Leman by Chapron. Far right: gorgeous bicoloured 2CV AZU.
Far left: 2 CV Sahara. Left: B2 Landaulet taxi.
Right: 2CV AZAM 6. Far right: Panhard 24 BT.
Far left: Slough built Light 15. Left: very authentic 2CV A
Right: owning a DS does not imply good taste. Far right: many of the participants were Swiss, Italian or French.
Tractions (left) and D-series (right) were most common in Interlaken.
Far left: interesting C60 prototype, shown at an exposition on the work of designer Bertoni, became finally the GS. Left: Saturday's highlight was the councours d'élégance.
LN/LNAs and Visas are still commonly ignored by the masses at meetings , but good examples like the Italian LN left and the German Visa Club far left are generously appreciated by a growing number of enthousiasts.
The second Michelin TRX which goes flat! Organizer Maarten van den Eijnde en Wendy Beirens change their perforated specimen of this expensive piece of rubber. Happily, theirs (other than mine) could be fixed. Right: after another week's stay in Lütschental, Milly and GerriT leave for the journey back home.