Citromobile 2005

Like every year, the grand international Citroën meeting Citromobile opened its gates in the first weekend of May. This year, the central theme was "met Citroën uit je dak" (through the roof with Citroën), which led to considerably creativity by some of the Dutch clubs.

Clockwise from above left: Dutch Visa Club showed a 11 RE (beyond salvage) with the roof split open. BX club chopped a BX GTi
on site during the building up friday. Nice B12 in winter scenery.
Far left: extreme patina on old truck. Left: shiny 1979 Visa Super.
Far left: CX GTi. Left: HY hearse
2CV van powered by Subaru
Citroën NL brought in the
spectacular Airlounge styling study. Spectacular as well, XM in limited Multimedia edition
Left: Visas rarer every year, but still ignored by many. Right: GSA Chic

Early BX's, Leader left and very smart 1.4 base model right. Below left: 1958 ID 19. Below right: one for the enthousiast...

Left: stylish Belgian BX. Right: bigfoot 2CV
Right: Visa GT Spirit 330 and Mille Pistes. Far right: deux Amis.
Luxury abundancy: DS Break and SM
Left: more chic; SM club stand. Right: Sunday (mothers day) was extremely tranquil.
Far left: two more Visas. Above left: Mehari 4x4 was one of many cars for sale. Below left: a matter of tin worm?