Visami 2005

For the sixth successive year the German André Citroën Club organised a meeting in Nehren, near Cochem, in the Mosel valley, during the third weekend in July. Since last year, the meeting has been not only been meant for Visas, but for Amis as well. Those familiar with "Nehren" praise the friendly atmosphere and the pittoresque environment. During the latest meeting, nearly fourty cars were counted. Most of them were Visas.

Left: German Visa drivers take good care of their cars. Right: not only Visa, but other types as well, like this GS from Luxemburg with matching number plates.
Right: result of the traditional cloudburst. Far right: evening mood.
Far left: even a DS break kept the Visas company. Left: Only a few Amis attended Visami 2005. This one is a '64 Ami 6 Break.
Spectacular sights in Cochem.
Right: many different versions were present. Far right: broken senspension of one of the Dutch Visas was instantly mended by the extremely helpful German experts.
Barbecueing and practical joking all part of the game
Sunday tour traditionally finished off the meeting