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Do you remember the Citroën Visa, Citroën's successful small car of the eigthies?
This website tells you a lot more about this car.

First of all, we have the history of the Citroën Visa
For those interested in the varieties of the type, we have a large overview in Models.
Then there are the story of my own red Visa 11 RE, the story of the blue two cylinder Visa of my girl friend Monieke, and
the story of my silver Visa GT.
Further, we've got the orange Visa II Club of my brother Maarten and
another brown Visa 11 RE, bought for spares.
But that's not all, since Maarten bought a rare metallic brown 11 RE Décapotable in the summer of 2003.
Own a Visa yourself? Let me know! You could play a starring role in one of the galleries in Visaville!
In Brochures you can dream away to the good old times that you could buy a new Visa, with extracts from
sales brochures which marketed the Visa in its time.
At the News page I will keep you updated with developments and other things worth to know about the Visa.
Older features are to be found in the Archive.
More Citroën oriented websites can be found in the links section.
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