Models (continued)

C15 production models

C15 E/D

For the 1985 model year, Citroën launched a van version of the Visa, named C15. It was equipped with a 1.1 petrol or a 1.8 Diesel engine. The C15 was an instant success. Citroën itself marketed several body versions, while a large amount of (merely French) specialized coachwork builders offered C15 based varieties. From 1987, at some markets a 0.95 petrol version was offered.

C15 plancher/cabine

Citroën made the C15 in a floorpan/cabin version, which enabled coachwork builders to design and fabricate different bodies for special use.

C15 E/D

In 1989, the front end styling of the C15 changed. The indicators were integrated in the front bumper, and the grille was restyled. Consequently, the resemblence with the Visa diminished, but remained obvious. From 1992, the 1.1 petrol engine gave way to a 1.4 version. In the same year there was another small facelift, which moved the chevrons to the centre of the grille. From 1996, there were two equipment levels: First and Club. In 2001, the 1.8 Diesel was changed for the 1.9 engine also used in the Berlingo. For the 2006 model year, Citroën finally ceased production of the C15. It had been utterly successful during its entire life span. 1.181.471 C15s were produced.

C15 Électrique

In 1989 a prototype version of the C15 with an electric engine appeared. It became a regular production model in 1991.

C15 RE/RD/Club/Familiale/Familiar

From 1992, the C15 was sold in a estate car version with glass all around.

C15 Grand Volume/Entreprise

One of the aberrant body versions of the C15 was the Grand Volume with a longer wheelbase, built by Durisotti. It was marketed from 1992.

C15 road sweeper

In the nineties, Citroën itself marketed some C15-based specialist vehicles, like this modified pick up for road sweepers.

C15 Frigoneta

Another special version marketed by the marque was the Frigoneta with cold store.

C15 limited edition versions

C15 Illico

In a series of 4000 examples Citroën presented in January 1995 the special version Illico. The Illico was painted white and was upholstered differently. It was available with petrol or diesel engine.

C15 D Messager

April 1995 brougt the C15 D Messager. It was white with special upholstery, wheelcaps of the AX, and power steering was standard.
C15 D Hit

In april 1996 the C15 D Hit appeared. It too was only available in white, was upholstered differently, and had AX hubcaps fitted.

C15 third party versions

C15 Isotherme (Agathon Desile)

One of the things you could do with a C15 was to adapt it into a cooling van. Agathon Desile from Le Mans was one of the firms who did this, using parts of Isberg.

C15 Girafon (Chausson)

Chausson (Gennevilliers, France) adapted the C15 with the use of an opening top panel at the rear to carry long objects, inspired by the Renault R4 Express.

C15.6 (Chausson/De Leotard)

Since 1989 Chausson built a six wheeled version of the C15, designed by De Leotard.
C15.6 varieties (Chausson/De Leotard)

The six wheel chassis was also used for other versions, like this one with cold store, buit by Lamberet from Vonnas (France). Other known varieties were fitted with tippers and hydraulic arms. Six wheeled campers were also built (photo © Okke Groot).
C15 plateau ridelles (CN)

The C15 was very suitable for a pick up body. This one on the left was built by CN (Chelles, France).
C15 4x4 (Dangel)

In 1991, the specialized firm Dangel introduced a fourwheeldrive version of the C15.
C15 Fourgonette Isotherme-Frigorique (ECP)

Another cooling van, based on the C15, built by ECP from Pierrelaye (France).
C15 Isotherme (Lambert)

An isotherme conversion, carried out by Lambert (Gemenos, France) in cooperation with Isberg (Picot, France).
C15 Romahome Hylo/Hytop

Romahome from Britain used the C15 for two versions of their small camper: the Hylo (left) and Hytop (right).
C15 Hycar (Smulders)

Smulders Systems from Eindhoven (the Netherlands) built a wheelchair version of the C15, equipped with a hydraulic level system.
C15 Pick-Up (Teilhol)

Teilhol (Courpiere, France) was one of the most productive coachbuilders of C15 based vehicles. Their C15 (right) was rather common. Other versions were...
C15 Grand Volume (Teilhol)

...the Grand Volume...

C15 Bétaillère (Teilhol)

...the Bétaillère...

C15 Benne à Ordure (Teilhol)

...the Benne à Ordure...
C15 Plateau Basculant (Teilhol)

...the Plateau Basculant...
C15 Caisse Isotherme (Teilhol)

...and the Caisse Isotherme.
C15 Maxi (Villard)

Carrosserie Villard (Nanterre, France) built this C15 Maxi with a content of 4m3.

C15 non production versions

C15 styling study

At the Salon de l'Automobile in Paris in September 1984, Citroën tried to highlight the introduction of the C15 by showing this customized version.

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