The open Visa

In 2002 I donated my brother Maarten, also a former Visa driver, a Visa II Club we got for free in our home village Alphen. After visiting a few club meetings, Maarten seems to have been bitten by the Visa bug as well. In September 2003 he bought a 1984 Visa 11 RE Décapotable to accompany the Club and his C5.

Maarten's Décapotable is a rare metallic brown example. General condition is quit good, and the car only covered around 80.000 km. The car was christened "Milly", after her former female owner. The photos above show the car during the test drive in the region of Borculo. Right: our dad admiring Milly, October 2003. Below left: Milly took part in the autumn tour of the Dutch Visa Club in October, 2003. Below right: Maarten enjoying his topless Visa.
Milly formed part of the group of Visas that went to the 13th ICCCR in Interlaken, but had a difficult moment on the Swiss Passwang...
...and had to be left behind in a rainy village
Luckily, she was quickly repaired by the Citroën dealer in Balsthal, and was able to rejoin the other Visas.
Left: Milly on the way back home, somewhere in Germany.  
Right: Milly and two different coloured sisters during a club meeting in Noorden, June 2005. Far right: Milly on her way in Cochem (Germany) during the annual Visami meeting in Nehren.
Milly in Paris on her way to Eurocitro 2006 in Le Mans (left)... and losing the rear damper of her exhaust near Versailles (right).
Far right: Visits to local dealers and exhaust workshops were unsuccesful. Right: at Eurocitro a damper was found, but it was impossible to take off the remainings of the old one by ourselves.
Top: Milly during her tour at the Le Mans circuit. Right and below: folks at a Midas workshop were very helpful and fitted the damper without charging anything.
Right: Milly during the autumn tour of the Dutch Club in Noord-Holland, November 2006.
Far left: not satisfied with one Décapotable, Maarten bought another one - this one silver - in May 2007. Tukkie, as it is christened, happily made his club debut in Bakkum in June.

More coming soon.

Last upated: August 27, 2007.