The orange Visa

Another unwanted Visa landed in our hands: a very early production Visa II Club, registered in May 1981, being one of the first IIs that came on the road in the Netherlands. Having served as a second car for many trouble free years, her previous owners feared the outcome of another periodical test, so they bought another car. The Visa didn't generate any money when it came to trading it in, so the owners, who live in our home village Alphen aan den Rijn, were happy to find someone in the neighbourhood who might want the Visa. Since two cylinder Visas get rare, especially early models, we decided to take it from them. She immediately got a name: Gerda, after her former female driver. Having already three Visas and a Saxo, we had no intention to keep the car, so we went looking for someone willing to adopt her. After all, apart from bad brakes, the car seemed in well enough shape to spend some more years on the road without major problems.

Battery was flat, but some energy borrowed from GerriT...   ...brought Gerda back to life!
To save time and cost, Gerda was taken of the road, and found a temporary home at the garage drive near the house of Monieke's mother. Car drove well, but brakes worked hardly.   One of Gerda's problems was the badly worn upholstery. Any-
one who can help us finding another brown (early dashboard)
With 153.000 kms on the clock, Gerda's engine is fit for many more. Lomax and 2CV drivers, eat your heart out!   Over 21 years old, but still in reasonable condition.
Soon, a new owner was found: my brother Maarten, who has owned two Visas in past years. After he told us he wouldlike to take care of Gerda, he got her as a birthday present. So Gerda remains in our family, and we will be able to report you all about her future. The first thing to do is to make her fully roadworthy again. To be continued.  
In November 2002, Gerda passed her APK without much drama: the brakes were completely overhauled, and some minor welding had to be done, but otherwise the car was quite good.  
Above left: Maarten collecting Gerda after she passed her test on a cold and wet November evening. Above right: giving your brother a car no one else wants seems to be another succesful way to make him happy. Below left: although battery was weak, it gave enough power to get Gerda going. Below right: inside mirror constantly mists up when car is cold.
Left: Gerda entering the workshop on the technical day of the club, November 30, 2002. Right: for a 21-year old Visa, Gerda is in remarkably good shape. Rust proofing and new clutch major jobs to be done.
Left and far left: Gerda attending the World Meeting in Meerkerk, August 2003.

Coming soon: cosmetic work to be done.

Last updted: September 29, 2003.