Visaville photo gallery 1980-1995

In the eighties and early nineties, Visas were a common sight on our roads. As a result of this, I didn't take great effort to make photos of them.
Nevertheless, some were caught on film.

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Brand new Visa Super E in Haarlem, The Netherlands, November 1983. 1983 Visa II Super E (or is it a Super X?) rubbing shoulders with a Citroën C4 (left) in a workshop in Amsterdam, June 1984. Another one from the archives: a Visa 11RE in Purmerend, February 1986. This '84 Visa Super E I also found in my archives. The picture was taken in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, in July 1986.
Glimpse of a black Visa GT in Zaltbommel, July 1986 '81 Visa Super E, the first car my brother Maarten owned, Purmerend, The Netherlands, December 1987 ... The car on the right is a Visa Club from 1979. The village is Thorn (Limburg, The Netherlands), September 1988 (photo C. Groot). My brother' Maarten's second car, a '86 Visa 11RE, Purmerend, September 1989.
The back yard of a Citroën concessionaire in Spa, Belgium, August 1993. At the left a pair of written off Visas. A Swiss Visa in Altdorf, Switzerland, May 1994 (photo M. Groot-Hali). Historic photo of a C15, belonging to the fleet of Publex, who exploits billboards and bus shelters in the Netherlands. The Hague, September 1994.  

All photographs © Okke Groot.

Last updated: February 13, 2004.