Visaville photo gallery 2001

After 2000, Visas became rarer and rarer. As a result of this, I decided to take pictures of every Visa (and some C15s as well) that I spotted.
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A well used C15 in Kwadijk, The Netherlands, August 2001. Another C15 in The Hague, August 2001. C15 transporter of provisions, seen in Alphen aan den Rijn, August 2001. Solid looking early Visa 11 RE of December 1983, frequently spotted in The Hague, August 2001. Sadly, it was wrecked in January 2002, leaving the owner no other choice than to let a Visa Leader take its place.
Rather tatty Visa 17D of 1988 at the western part of the ring road around Amsterdam, August 2001 (photo by Monieke Kroft). On C15 based Romahome camper must be very cosy.This British registered example was photographed at the car park during the Vehikel classic car show in Utrecht, August 2001. Rear view of Romahome. Well cared for 1987 Visa 11 RE, also visiting Vehikel in August 2001.
A C15 in the parking garage of the Ikea store in Amsterdam, August 2001. 1986 Visa 11 RE (obscured by the mirror of my brother's Xantia) at the eastern part of the Amsterdam ring road, August 2001. '85 Visa 11RE at the A4 motorway between The Hague and Leiden, September 2001. The girl at the wheel apparently was in a hurry: she exceeded the speed limit in a big way (yes, you can in a Visa!), and it took me quite some difficulty to catch her on film. Fortunately, there will be no ticket this time... A Visa 11RE from '85 while entering the city of The Hague, September 2001.
A few days later, I spotted the same car again. The lady driver, who just appeared as I took the photo, was convinced that no website could ever benefit by including her car. Probably she wasn't a trueVisa aficionado... A C15, equipped for transporting window panes, Rotterdam, September 2001. A extended C15, also in Rotterdam, September 2001. These days, the Chrono is nearly extinct. This one, however, is a familiar sight in Groningen, The Netherlands. Photo dates from September, 2001.
Of the 400 Chronos ordered by the Dutch importer, 330 were actually sold as the all white GT Spirit 330. This one showed up at the yearly meeting of the Dutch Visa Sport Club in Heerhugowaard, September 22, 2001. 1987 115 HP Visa GTi has seen better times (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). 1986 Visa GTi in purple (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Early 1985 Visa GTi (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001).
Unique rhd Visa Trophée (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Visa 11 RE Décapotable of 1984 (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Fast looking Visa is actually a modified 11 RE (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Visa GT Spirit 330 restoration project nearing completion (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001).
Sad looking 11RE in the Dutch Visa Sport Club workshop will be sacrificed for spares (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Visa Super E Décapotable awaiting better times (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Seriously boy raced Visa GTi (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Another Visa GTi, receiving drastic overhaul (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001).
Visa GT Spirit 330 in parts also crowds Visa Sport Club workshop (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). The frequently rallied Visa GTi of P. Scholten (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Good and original Visa GTi (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). Two pot Visa of 1985, owned by Dutch Visa Club executive Angela Bruurmijn (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001).
Angela's Visa is not short of custom fittings... Nice 1984 Visa 11RE, fitted with smart Leader interior (Visa Sport Club meeting 2001). White Visa 11RE of 1985, seen in Leiden, September 2001. 1985 Visa 11RE, spotted in Amsterdam in September, 2001, is quite loaded with accessories, and must be owned by a real Citroën enthousiast
1986 11RE model in rouge vallelunga, seen in my home village Alphen aan den Rijn, October 2001. The same car from a different angle. Looks more than a bit like a certain other Alphen based red 11RE... White 11RE of 1985 in Leiden (another example than the one shown above), October 2001. !985 Visa Club in The Hague, October 2001.

1985 Visa GTi for sale in the region of Nijmegen, October 2001. Original Dutch licence plate is ND-28-FZ.

Rear view of GTi. Black skirts not for purists. Castle tour of the Dutch Visa Club, October 14, 2001. One of the many cars present was this German owned Visa GTi.

No concours winner, but still going strong: 1986 Visa 11RE (castle tour).

Early German C15, formerly owned by horlogier from Linz (castle tour). C15 Romahome (castle tour). German C15 (castle tour). First series Visa Club (castle tour).
198411 RE Décapotable (castle tour). Visa II Super E of 1982 (castle tour). Smart Visa 14 TRS was saved from scrapyard (castle tour). 1983 Visa (castle tour).
1984 Visa 11 RE in Hazerswoude (The Netherlands), October 2001. 1986 Visa 11 RE in Amsterdam, October 2001. The C15 of our wine trader Fine Fleur, Alphen aan den Rijn, October 2001. Visa 11 RE at scrap yard in Zwammerdam, quite near to my home in Alphen aan den Rijn, very rusty, but provided some usable parts for our blue Visa, including a good front wing (October 2001).
Visa 11 RE behind small Citroën garage in Waddinxveen (The Netherlands) supplied some more small parts for Polleke. (October 2001). Early C15 peeps around corner at the same workshop, October 2001. Well preserved '86 Visa Leader near Leiden, October 2001. Visa 11RE of 1986 in the region of Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands, November 2001.
Basic model two cylinder Visa (1986), Oegstgeest, The Netherlands, November 2001. 1987 Visa 11 RE in The Hague, November 2001. Old dashboard Visa Club of 1984 in The Hague, November 2001. Visa 14 TRS not common then, and scarce now. Sadly, this 1986 example suffers from some serious rust (The Hague, November 2001).
Visa Leader of late 1986 in Alphen aan den Rijn, November 2001 Visa 11 RE of 1984, snapped in Delft, November 2001. In Wolvega (Friesland, The Netherlands), near to where I bought my Visa GT, this red '83 Visa GT was also for sale. Condition not better, to say it diplomatically... (November 2001). '84 Visa Club, also in Wolvega, seems only suited for parts.
A 1986 Visa 11 E Leader, one of the cars that came to the workshop day of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club in Leerdam, November 24, 2001. A two cylinder Visa of 1988, also one present in Leerdam (November 24, 2001). Maroon 11 RE of 1986 (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001). Late satellite dashboard 11 RE with low kms was registered in 1985, and was recently bought from elderly owner for small money (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001).
1986 Visa 11 E (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001). 1986 two cylinder Visa (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001). First series Visa Club of 1981 (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001). 11 RE Décapotable of 1984, registered LB-23-XG, is owned by a member of the board of the Dutch Visa Club. Another board member owns LB-22-XG (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001).
Another 11 RE Décapotable, also from 1984 (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001).

Visa Olympique was temporarily available in 1984 as a special series, and is nowadays hardly ever seen. This one fitted with 1.4 engine and loud stereo (workshop day Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001).

Metallic silver paint suits early 1985 Visa extremely well (workshop day of Dutch Visa Club, November 24, 2001). Very early (Spring 1981) Visa II Club in my home village Alphen aan den Rijn, December 2001. By then, we did not know, that this orange visa would become part of our own Visa family as well
  Very blurred impression of the 1984 Visa Club of photographer Nico Bick, spotted on the ring road near Amsterdam, December 2001. Visa 11 RE of 1985 in Oosterhout (Brabant, The Netherlands), December 2001 (photo by Monieke Kroft).  

All photographs © Okke Groot, unless stated otherwise.

Last updated: November 9, 2002.