Visaville photo gallery 2002

My practice of snapping Visas and C15s was continued in 2002.
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Visa of 1988 in Rotterdam, January, 2002. 1986 Visa 11 RE in Alphen aan den Rijn, January 2002. C15 of Citroën garage Noordwal in The Hague, January 2002. 1986 Visa 11 E Leader, owned by another true enthousiast, The Hague, January 2002.
Visa 11 RE of last year of production (1988) in Wassenaar (The Netherlands), January 2002. Citroën Visa II Spécial of 1982, spotted during Dutch Visa Club tour in Groenekan, near Utrecht, January 2002. 1984 Visa 17 RD, owned by Dutch Visa Club member, Utrecht, January 2002. German member of the Dutch club owns this 1985 Visa Club, which has gradually been modified to series 1 specification. (Utrecht, January 2002).
Neat 1986 Visa 11 RE in The Hague, February 2002. Non standard exhaust at this Visa Club of 1986, The Hague, February 2002. Visa 11 E Leader of 1986 welcomes visitors of the garage of Benthem-Beunders in Enschede, The Netherlands, February 2002. Above average 1985 Visa 11 RE in the showroom of the same garage, February 2002.
This 1987 11 RE, also in Enschede, looked a bit more tired. Visa GT Spirit 330, undergoing restauration. Photo was taken in the workshop of Jan Kuyntjes in Nieuwland, The Netherlands, February 2002. Dutch Visa drivers know their way to Kuyntjes. On this 11 RE Décapotable some welding had to be done. Visa 11 RE of 1986 in The Hague (February 2002) seemed not having turned a wheel for some time. Another Visa destined for destruction?
1986 Visa 11 E in busy traffic in The Hague, February 2002. A Visa 11 E (1986) in Leiden, March 2002. A 1986 Visa 11 RE and a C15 D (front) in Delft, March 2002. Fast cornering Visa 11 RE of 1987 in The Hague, March 2002.
Slightly dented 1985 Visa 11 RE in bleu uzès, The Hague, March 2002. Very nice 11 RE Découvrable of 1984, photographed during the spring tour of the Dutch Visa Club in Brabant in March 2002. Impressively spoilered 1984 Visa Club (spring tour 2002). In The Netherlands ultra rare: an immaculate first series Visa Club of 1979 (spring tour 2002).
1987 Visa 11 RE with TRS wheel covers (spring tour 2002). Visa 17 D of the year 1985 in Houten, The Netherlands, March 2002. Visa 10 E, Poitiers, France, April 2002. Visa 17 D, Poitiers, April 2002.
Rather dented Visa Club, Poitiers, April 2002. Visa Super E, also in Poitiers, April 2002. C15, still available new in France, Poitiers, April 2002. Another Visa 10 E in Poitiers, April 2002.
Potes (Cantabria, Spain), April 2002. Visas are scarce in this region of Spain, but C15s abound. Three C15s in various versions, San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria, Spain), April 2002. Refrigerated C15 in Ojedo, Cantabria, April 2002. Visa 17 RD, Cabezon de la Sal, Cantabria, April 2002.
Rare Visa II Super X, Benia, Cantabria, April 2002. Visa 17 RD in Gorliz, near Bilbao (Biscay), April 2002. Unidentified Visa in scrap yard near Zumaia, Biscay, April 2002 The same scrap yard houses this Visa Super E.
C15 Club near Bermeo, Biscay, April 2002. Dutch pride Heineken is transported by C15, San Sebastian (Biscay), April 2002. C15 with fridge, San Sebastian, April 2002. Early C15 for cold transport, San Sebastian, April 2002.
In Spain, C15s are not only popular as a van. Versions like this Familar are very common as well (San Sebastian, April 2002). Spanish postmen also drive C15 (San Sebastian, April 2002). The mild climate in the south-western part of France is no guarantee for rust free cars, like this 11 RE in Hendaye demonstrates. Visa 11 E in Hendaye (France), April 2002.
Visa Club, also in Hendaye. Visas in the condition like seen above are still fairly common nowadays in this part of France. First series Visa Club in black, photographed in Arcachon, France, April 2002. 1985 Visa Club, The Hague, April 2002. 1984 Visa Club formed part of the Dutch Visa Club stand at Citromobile, May 2002.
Restored first series Visa Club originates from Belgium, and was offered for sale by a classic Citroën specialist during Citromobile 2002. The Citromobile theme stand of the Frisian Citroën Club included this Visa II L, complete with Princess Maxima lookalike. Extended C15 (Citromobile 2002). 1986 Visa 11 E Leader (Citromobile 2002).
Nearly as new 1984 Visa 11 RE Découvrable has been owned for many years by Citroexpert editor Wouter Jansen (Citromobile 2002). Visa 17 RD of late 1987 (Citromobile 2002). Early 1985 C15 E (Citromobile 2002). 1985 two cylinder Visa (Citromobile 2002).
This Visa GTi, imported from Belgium into the Netherlands in 1999 (Citromobile 2002). Another GTi, this one modified with an 1.9 engine (Citromobile 2002). German Visa Plein Air convertible in excellent condition (Citromobile 2002). Long C15 came all the way from France (Citromobile 2002).
German Visa GTi (Citromobile 2002). Visa Club, also from Germany (Citromobile 2002). Dutch 1988 Visa 17 RD is one of the last sold in this country (Citromobile 2002). Another German Visa Club (Citromobile 2002).
Rare Visa 17 D Leader of 1986 (Citromobile 2002). British C15, transformed into a camper (Citromobile 2002). C15, used by Dutch Citroën specialist (Citromobile 2002). 1985 Visa 11 RE Décapotable (Citromobile 2002).
Another 11 RE Décapotable, this one of 1984 and with satellite dashboard (Citromobile 2002). Café-au-lait-coloured Visa Super E (Citromobile 2002). Visa 11 RE of 1984 (Citromobile 2002). German base spec Visa (Citromobile 2002).
Nice 1985 Visa 14 S is one of only 300 sold and just a handful left in the Netherlands (Citromobile 2002). Visa GTi of 1986 is one of around 30 originally sold in the Netherlands (Citromobile 2002). Another GTi for sale. This one was the most expensive and probably the best example on offer (Citromobile 2002). 1984 Visa GT Spirit 330 is Dutch market only derivation of Chrono (Citromobile 2002).
1986 Visa 14 TRS in pretty good shape (Citromobile 2002). 1985 Visa 11 RE, one of three blue Visas on the Visa Club theme stand at Citromobile 2002. A Visa 11 E of 1984 in the old city of Leiden, May 2002. C15 D, owned by a firm in safeguading, in The Hague, May 2002.
C15 with some useful extras, participating in the 6th Hunnetreffen in Oldemarkt (The Netherlands), May 2002. Long version C15D at 6th Hunnetreffen, May 2002. Burnt electrics doomed this 11 RE, but it was good enough for some valuable parts for several other Visas, and even provided a Peugeot 104 with its suspension (Delft, May 2002). 1985 Visa 11 RE in early morning The Hague, June 2002.
Visa 11 RE of 1988 borrowed wheel covers from an AX (Rotterdam, June 2002). A Visa 17 D in Marigny (Jura, France) June 2002. Early Club in Champagnole (Jura, France), June 2002, has front axle of Peugeot 104. Visa 11 E Leader in Syam (Jura, France), June 2002.
Immobile Visa 17 D in Foncine-le Haut (Jura, France) will probably not drive again, June 2002. Visa II Super E in Songeson (Jura, France) is full of holes and will surely not pass its CT (June 2002). Visa 17 D in Menétrux-en-Joux (Jura, France), June 2002. Rather nice Visa 17 RD on a camping site near Lac de Chalain (Jura, France), June 2002.
Visa 17 D on a parking place of a factory near Vevy (Jura, France), June 2002. Visa two cylinder near a supermarché in Lons-le-Saunier (Jura, France), June 2002. C15 E outside one of Frances most beautiful villages Baume-les-Messieurs (Jura), June 2002. Visa Super E in Arbois (Jura, France) apparantly still going, but with totally sun-ravaged upholstery (June 2002).
Extended C15 on a scrap yard in Krimpen aan de Lek (near Rotterdam), June 2002. All Visas were told to have been scrapped short before. Pity... Standard C15 D on the same scrap yard, June 2002. A third C15, also in Krimpen aan de Lek, June 2002. 1988 Visa 11 RE in Scheveningen (The Hague), June 2002. It may not be anyone's dream car, but would you trade it in for a silly car like the Smart, parked in front of it?
Steel blue Visa 11 RE of 1986, seen in The Hague in July 2002, seems to be an ideal city runabout for its female owner. Visa 11 RE of 1987, driven by old lady in The Hague, July 2002. 1985 Visa Club in slightly faded rouge délage, Alphen aan den Rijn, August 2002. German Visa, driven all the way to the second Victoria meeting in Meerkerk, the Netherlands, August 24, 2002.
Visa Décapotable was called Plein Air in Germany. This one not quite original, but in good condition (Victoria Meeting 2002). Another German Plein Air, fitted with very attractive wheels (Victoria Meeting 2002). C15 D of Dutch crêpes baker (Victoria Meeting 2002). Visa 11 RE of 1984 on the A4 motorway near Leiden, August 2002.
A sad Visa 11 RE in a scrap yard in Helmond, the Netherlands, September 2002. The silver example beside it had some good panels left for our own GerriT. Visa two cylinder model of 1986 in Alphen aan den Rijn, September 2002. 1986 Visa Club in Vught (the Netherlands), September 2002. Visa Club in the region of Maubeuge, Northern France, spooted on a trip in October 2002...
...features leatherette upholstery. Visa Club of first series on scrap in Maubeuge, October 2002. Another two cylinder Visa in the same yard. All these Visas still got their engines. In my country, this would be truly exceptional Visa 17 RD, also in the Maubeuge scrap yard, October 2002.
Visa 17 D , parked in the same scrap, likely to be still a runner (October 2002). Visa 11 RE, somewhere around Avesnes (Northern France), October 2002. Visa II Special in the same region, October 2002.

Visa Super E West End is rare limited series model. This example was one of four Visas near a Citroën garage in Larouillies (Northern France), seen in October 2002.

Authentic red leatherette interior of Visa West End did not withstand the elements, coming in through the broken windows. Visa Club also one of the four Visas in Larouillies. Visa II Club, Larouillies, October 2002. Visa II Club, Larouillies, October 2002.
C15 D sixwheeler with refrigerator, spotted in La Capelle (Northern France), October 2002. Visa in the region of Vervins (Northern France), October 2002. 1988 Visa was snapped in Bodegraven (the Netherlands), October 2002.

Visa 11 E of 1985 in The Hague, October 2002.

Visa 11 RE of 1984, photographed in The Hague in October 2002, is the same car as the one seen on the A4 in August (see above) Very neat 1986 Visa 11 E Leader in Amsterdam, November 2002. Another unwanted two cylinder, rescued by an enthousiast: this 1988 Club was disposed of by its former lady owner after it suffered only minor accident damage. It showed up at the technical day of the Dutch Visa Club on November 30, 2002. 1988 Visa, seen earlier in Rotterdam in January, was also present at the technical day.
Nice looking 11 RE of 1985 (technical day 2002).
Another two cylinder, this one dating from 1985 (technical day 2002). The well known 1987 11 RE of Paul Jansen, now fitted with smart alloys (technical day 2002). 1986 Visa 14 TRS one of the cars that never attended a club meeting before (technical day 2002).
  This red Visa Chrono shows a mixture of Chrono and GT spec. It was scrapped in 2003 (technical day 2002). 1986 Visa 11 RE in The Hague, the same one as the car photographed in February, and obviously still running after all (December 2002).  

All photographs © Okke Groot.

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