Visaville photo gallery 2004

How many Visas and C15 still survived in 2004?
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Visa 11 E Leader of 1987 in The Hague, January 2004. Still good looking 1986 Visa 11 RE in Amsterdam, January 2004. Brand new C15 D of Dutch enthousiast, imported from Belgium, photographed in Veenendaal (The Netherlands), January 2004. Restored Visa GT Spirit 330, Veenendaal, January 2004.
Early C15 in Alphen aan den Rijn, February 2004. Visa 11 E Leader of 1986 in The Hague, February 2004. Another 1986 Visa 11 E Leader near Rotterdam, February 2004. Visa 11 RE of 1986 in The Hague, April 2004.
The same new C15 D as seen far above, now with Saxo VTS wheels (spring tour of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club, Bodegraven, April 2004). Early C15 E of 1986, spring tour 2004 C15 D wheel chair cab, pictured during the spring tour of the dutch club, April 2004. Rare German Visa 14 RS, seen at the car park during Citromobile in Utrecht, May 2004.
Nice German two pot, Citromobile 2004. British C15 with hydraulic suspension suspension and BX GTi mechanics and wheels, Citromobile 2004. 1983 Visa Club (Citromobile 2004). Belgian two cylinder, Citromobile 2004.
Shiny 11 RE Décapotable of 1984, Citromobile 2004. Very good Belgian two cylinder Visa of 1987 could have been yours for € 1500 (Citromobile 2004). 1985 Visa Club (Citromobile 2004). C15 Grand Volume came all the way from Slovenia to Utrecht.
Very decent Visa GTi, for sale during Citromobile 2004. 1985 Visa Club (Citromobile 2004). Spectacular Visa GTi with Saxo VTS wheels is powered by 160+ HP 1.9 engine (Citromobile 2004). C15 with Visa GTi power (Citromobile 2004).
Belgian C15, towing trailer with body of 2CV (Citromobile 2004). Two cylinder Visa from Belgium, Citromobile 2004. Quite new Belgian C15 (Citromobile 2004). Very nice German 11 RE Décapotable, also for sale during Citromobile.
Well kept two cylinder Visa with early dash, Citromobile 2004. Nice brown Visa 11 RE Décapotable... ...and one in silver (Citromobile 2004) A Visa 14 TRS on a private parking in Lille (Northern France), May 2004.
Visa 11 E, seen in Lille, May 2004. C15, owned by the city of Lille, May 2004. C15 Isotherme, driven by fish shop owner, Lille, may 2004. Visa Super of first type, Lille, May 2004.
Better than average 11 RE in Lille, May 2004. Worse than average 11 RE, also in Lille, May 2004. The car was for sale for 500 euro... 1986 Visa 14 TRS in Vught Very nice GT Tonic from Germany, present at the ICCCR in Interlaken, August 2004.
French 14 TRS, also there in Interlaken. C15 six wheeler, ICCCR Interlaken. First series Visa Super, ICCCR Interlaken. As good as new Visa II Club, ICCCR Interlaken.
Swiss Chrono, ICCCR Interlaken. French 11 RE Décapotable, ICCCR Interlaken 11 E Leader, seen in Meerkerk in August 2004. Very well preserved early Visa Club , Citrorama, September 2004.
Solid Visa Club was only just saved from scrapping, Citrorama 2004. German Visa Club, Citrorama 2004. Another Club, Citrorama 2004. Very nice, although not quite original 14 S, pictured at the meeting of the Citroën Visa Sport Club NL in Heerhugowaard, September 2004.
Early Visa Spécial of 1979, offered for sale in Eefde, the Netherlands, September 2004 1984 Visa 11 RE in Amsterdam, October 2004 This little used 1985 Visa 14 S is owned by an Citroënist in Harkstede, the Netherland, who owns, together with a friend, several other Visas... this 1984 11 RE Décapotable, destined for scrap...
...this 1983 GT, who will probably meet no better fate... ...this Chrono, once owned by Dutch artist Marthe Röling... ...three other Décapotables, of which some will be restored... ...and a 1986 11 RE, which will probably live on as well.
Nice 1985 Visa Club in Alphen aan den Rijn, which has recently been resprayed, was pictured in October 2004. Visa 11 RE of 1986, waiting for a new owner at a Citroën garage in Hilversum, the Netherlands, November 2004. 11 RE of 1986, spotted near Bodegraven, the Netherlands, November 2004. Visa 14 TRS of 1986, participating at a tour of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club in Nieuwegein, November 2004.
C15 D in Zegveld, the Netherlands, December 2004. 1986 11 RE, also in Zegveld, december 2004. 1988 11 RE in The Hague, December 2004.  

All photographs © Okke Groot.

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