Visaville photo gallery 2005

Most Visas and a lot of C15's had left us by 2005, but some strong ones still survived.
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Early C15 E of 1986 at the beginning of 2005 in Alphen aan den Rijn. Visa 14 S at a meeting of the Dutch club, Nieuwegein, January 2005. 1986 11 RE attending the same meeting. Very nice 1988 Visa Club, recently imported from Germany (Nieuwegein, January 2005).
Visa 11 RE of 1988 (featuring in white visa story elsewhere on this site) still in very decent condition (Nieuwegein, January 2005). Visa 17 RD of 1988 is one of the last remaining examples in the Netherlands, and in good condition. It attended the spring tour of the Dutch club in April 2005. 1986 Visa 11 RE in rouge delage also one of the cars present during the 2005 spring tour. 1986 11 RE, seen near a home in Zegveld, the Netherlands, April 2005.
Visa 11 E Leader of 1985 in Leiden, April 2005. 1986 Visa Club for sale in Alphen aan den Rijn, April 2005. 1986 Visa Club in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands, May 2005 (photo © Monieke Kroft). Visa of 1987, used by one of the parts dealers at Citromobile, Utrecht, May 2005
Recently imported 1979 Visa Super from France was offered for sale during Citromobile 2005. C15 Grand Volume (Citromobile 2005). Visa Mille Pistes, rallied by the Bart Ebben Team (Citromobile 2005). Badly rusted Visa 11 RE took a final starring role at the stand of the Dutch Club during Citromobile 2005.
Visa 14 TRS of 1986 (Citromobile 2005). 1984 Visa Club (Citromobile 2005). Dutch Visa Club with Belgian roots (Citromobile 2005). Another well kept German Club, on offer at Citromobile 2005.
C15 Pick Up by Teilhol (Citromobile 2005). German Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2005). Belgian Visa twocylinder (Citromobile 2005). 1985 Visa Club (Citromobile 2005).
German 1979 Visa Club in originall condition (Citromobile 2005). Another Visa from Belgium (Citromobile 2005). Very original, low mileage Visa II Spécial was earlier offered on eBay (Citromobile 2005). French Visa Mille Pistes changed ownership during Citromobile.
C15 sixwheeler (Citromobile 2005). Visa 11 RE of 1986 (Citromobile 2005). German C15 (Citromobile 2005). 1987 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2005).
1984 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2005). Derelict 1985 Visa 11 RE, resting at the parts storage of the Dutch club near Bodegraven, living on borrowed time. Picture was taken in May 2005, car was dismantled soon afterwards. Visa GT Spirit 330, also in Bodegraven, May 2005, should have deserved better. 1984 Visa 11 RE Décapotable, attending a camp out meeting of the Dutch club in Noorden, June 2005.
All available colours on the Décapotable in one shot, Noorden, June 2005. Brown cars are the rarest. A 1987 two cylinder ex-Belgian Visa at the Dutch club parts storage, June 2005. Well preserved Visa Super of 1979 was originally registered in Belgium. C15 Romahome HyTop, seen in Wales, June 2005.
C15 Romahome HyLo, also in Wales, June 2005. 1992 C15 D Grand Volume in Leiden, June 2005. 1985 Visa Club, converted to first series specification, at the yearly Visa meeting in Nehren, Germany, July 2005. German 11 RE Décapotable (Nehren 2005).
Another German Décapotable (Nehren 2005). German 11 E Leader (Nehren 2005). Visa Club (foreground) and Visa (Nehren, 2005). Visa 11 RE Décapotable (Nehren 2005).
Brown 11 RE Décapotable (Nehren 2005). German 1982 Visa Club in uncommon shade of blue (Nehren 2005). Pretty Visa Club with even prettier young lady in front (Nehren 2005). In Germany, Visas are most common as two cylinder models. Even today quite a few good ones survive. This example is a slightly upgraded base model in rouge vallelunga (Nehren 2005).
Brown Décapotables like this one were intended for the German market, with only a few sold in other countries like the Netherlands. On the French home market it was never sold (Nehren 2005). Visa 17 D Leader is another seldom seen version of the type (Nehren 2005). Visa 11 RE in as new condition, and fitted with uncommon interior with better upholstery, believed to be original (Nehren 2005). Visa Club in onorthodox colour scheme, was restored on a tight budget by an extraordinary caring German owner (Nehren 2005).
Very smart German Visa, decorated with many non standard items (Nehren 2005). Visa Chrono tuned to 125 HP (Nehren 2005). 1984 Visa Décapotable in brun vison, seen in Kockengen, the Netherlands, in July 2005. C15 Grand Volume of 1995, Kockengen, July 2005.
1986 Visa 11 RE, attending a meeting of the Dutch Citroën Visa Club in Groesbeek, August/September 2005. Very nice Visa II Super E, for sale at Citrorama in Rheinberg (Germany), August/September 2005. Visa Club, another one for sale at Citrorama. Visa GTi (Citrorama).
Very good Visa Club (Citrorama). Another two cylinder Visa at Citrorama. Very rare Visa Entreprise was only just rescued from being scrapped (summer meeting CVC-NL, Groesbeek). Interesting 1986 C15 E wheel chair version, converted by the Dutch firm of Smulders, and attending the autumn tour of the Dutch club (October 2005).
Visa 11 RE of 1986 in Eindhoven. Two first series Visas, a Club (left) and a Super (right), at a workshop meeting of the Dutch club in Tiel, November 2005. Restored Visa 17 RD - one of not even a handful left - at the workshop meeting in Tiel, November 2005. C15 with Durisotti sliding door at the same workshop meeting.
An early C15 in Den Bosch, November 2005.

All photographs © Okke Groot.

Last updated: November 2, 2006.