Visaville photo gallery 2006

There still must be thousands of Visas in France. In the Netherlands, only a few hundred survived by the time 2006 arrived.
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Very authentic and well preserved 1984 Visa Club in a nowadays uncommon shade of blue at the workshop meeting of the Dutch club, February 2006. C15 E being inspected during the workshop meeting in February. 1986 11 E in rouge délage revealed some severe rust damage. Another well kept Visa Club (1986), attending the annual club conference in April.
C15 spotted at the meeting of the Dutch Citroën webforum in Abbenes in April. A C15 Grand Volume with wheels of a BX, seen in The Hague in April. Slightly battered, but still actively used 11 RE Décapotable, attending the spring tour of the Dutch club in De Bilt in April. C15 D, also pictured at the spring tour.
1983 Visa Super E, another car taking part in the spring tour in April. C15 D, photographed during a collective stop in the 2006 spring tour. C15 of one of the traders at Cityromobile 2006 in Utrecht during the first weekend of May. Very nice black 11 RE from Belgium was for sale at Citromobile 2006.
1984 Visa GT Spirit 330 (Citromobile 2006). Very nice Visa Chrono (Citromobile 2006). Visa 11 RE Décapotable, for sale at Citromobile Belgian Chrono, another one for sale (Citromobile 2006)... this brown Décapotable Wild colour scheme on this C15 (Citromobile 2006). Two pot Visa from Belgium, for sale as well (Citromobile 2006). Another Belgian two cylinder model (Citromobile 2006).
C15 D (Citromobile 2006). Well kept Visa Club from Germany (Citromobile 2006). C15 D (Citromobile 2006). 1986 Visa 11 RE with GT front spoiler (Citromobile 2006).
Another nice 11 RE of 1986 (Citromobile 2006). Belgian C15 D (Citromobile 2006). 1984 11 RE Décapotable (Citromobile 2006). 1987 11 E Leader (Citromobile 2006).
Very well preserved pignosed Visa Spécial from Belgium (Citromobile 2006). Visa 14 TRS seen in Le Mans, JMay 2006. Visa 17 RD, Le Mans, May 2006. Visa 17 D, spotted near Le Mans, May 2006.
An 11 RE with horse head, seen in Sées, May 1986 Nice German Visa Club, present at the early summer meeting of the Dutch Club in Limburg, June 2006. Beautiful 11 RE of 1987, taking part at the meeting in Limburg. Visa 17 RD, photographed in Chartres in August.
Wild 4x4 Visa one of the stars of the Visa department during Eurocitro in Le Mans, August 18-20. Nice GTi in black (Eurocitro 2006). Not totally original Visa Chrono (Eurocitro 2006). White Visa GTi (Eurocitro 2006).
Visa GT Tonic (Eurocitro 2006). Very blue Visa 11 RE (Eurocitro 2006). Red Visa GTi... ...and another one (Eurocitro 2006).
One... ...two... ...three nice Chronos (Eurocitro 2006) Visa Mille Pistes (Eurocitro 2006).
Silver 11 RE (Eurocitro 2006). French 11 RE Décapotable (right) besides a well known dutch example (Eurocitro 2006). Silver suits Visa GTi well (Eurocitro 2006). Another Visa GT Tonic, this one in very good condition (Eurocitro 2006).
Another Visa II Chrono (Eurocitro 2006). Well kept French 11 RE... and a sister car from Belgium (Eurocitro 2006). Silver 11 RE Décapotable was driven by clown (Eurocitro 2006).
Ivory Visa GTi (Citromobile 2006). C15, owned by Belgian GT adept (Eurocitro 2006). Visa II Club in Sille-le-Guillaume, August 2006. During a visit to Poix-de-Picardie we spotted not one...
...but two examples of the Visa II Club in bleu lagune (August 2006). Optically tuned 1986 11 RE of a young Visa owner, attending the late summer meeting of the Dutch Club in Groesbeek, September 2006. Sound system has more power than engine... Nice 1986 Visa 11 RE (Groesbeek, September).
Dutch Visa 11 RE at Citrorama, Rheinberg, September 2006. Traders at Citrorama had three Visas for sale: this GTi... ...a Visa two cylinder with few kilometers... ...and an interesting first series Club.
Brown 11 RE Décapotable was onm show at Citrorama. Visa 11 E Leader visiting the meeting in Groesbeek. Very well restored Dutch Chrono, photographed during the 2006 Autumn Tour of the Dutch club in October. Very original low mileage 1983 11 RE Décapotable, recently bought from first owner, attended the workshop meeting of the Dutch club in Zwolle in November 2006.
11 RE of 1986 (workshop meeting, November 2006) A very decent Visa Club of 1985 (workshop meeting, November 2006).

All photographs © Okke Groot.

Last updated: November 3, 2006.