Visaville photo gallery 2007

These Visas came across my lens in 2007.
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Nice and original 1985 Visa Club at the workshop meeting of the Dutch club in Helmond, February 2007. 1986 Visa GTi, owned by the Citroën dealer in Helmond. 1988 11 RE in uncommon colour scheme, hand applied by its current owner, Helmond, February 2007. 1986 11 RE, Helmond, February 2007.

1986 11 E Leader in good shape, Helmond, February 2007 11 E Leader of 1987 spotted in Tiel, February 2007. An old lady in The Hague drives this well preserved 1987 Visa 11 RE. A Visa Club, seen during the Salon de Reims in March 2007.
Rather different Décapotable in Reims, March 2007. Nice 1982 Visa II Spécial, taking part in the spring tour of the Dutch Citroën Visa-Club in March 2007. 1988 Visa, apparently held together with tape (spring tour, March 2007). 1987 Visa 11 E Leader (spring tour, March 2007).
Nice 1985 Visa, still with its first owner (spring tour, March 2007). Another nice Visa, this one dating from 1986, seen at the annual member assembly of the Dutch club in April, 2007.

Very rare in the Netherlands: a 1984 17 RD. The owner of this one did effort to bring his car back to pristine condition (member assembly 2007).

1986 11 RE (member assembly 2007).
Another 1986 11 RE, this one in two shades of blue (member assembly 2007). Visa Club of 1984, seen at the Oranjerit in Velp on Queen's Day. Very thoroughly restored Visa Chrono, registered in 1984, was one of a couple of Chronos that visited Citromobile in May 2007. Another very good Chrono (Citromobile 2007).
1987 Visa (Citromobile 2007). GT Spirit 330 (left) and Chrono (Citromobile 2007). An interesting 1991 C15 E 14 Familial 'Mixta', formerly owned by the Belgian army (Citromobile 2007). A Visa GTi, owned by a Belgian enthusiast (Citromobile 2007).
Rare 1986 C15 E wheel chair conversion by Smulders (Citromobile 2007). Nice Belgian Visa (Citromobile 2007). 1986 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2007). Impressive line up of Chronos (Citromobile 2007).
Nice 11 RE from Germany (Citromobile 2007). 1987 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2007). Early 1984 11 RE with satellite dashboard (Citromobile 2007). 1987 Visa was imported in the Netherlands in 2005.
1987 Visa 11 E Leader (Citromobile 2007). 1986 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2007). 1992 C15 D (Citromobile 2007). Visa 11 RE in The Hague, c. may 2007.

1983 Visa 11 RE Décapotable.
(See more on this example in Open Visa

Very nice Visa of 1983, one of the surprises at the early summer meeting of the Dutch Visa-Club in June, 2007. The remains of a Visa 11 RE, seen in a garage box in Ridderkerk, intended for spare parts for.... ..the other Visa of the enthusiast in Ridderkerk: a original French 92 HP Chrono. Both cars snapped in June, 2007.
This is what the German Visa Chrono looked like. This very handsome specimen was spotted at Visami in Nehren (Germany) in July, 2007. Popular as ever with the enthusiasts: the open top Visa. This one attended Visami 2007 amongst a few others. Nice Visa Club (Visami 2007). Another smart looking two cilinder Visa (Visami 2007).
One of the stars of Visami 2007 was this series 1 Club, owned by the organizer. Brown Visa 11 RE Plein Air (Visami 2007). Visa Club (Visami 2007). Visa 14 TRS (Visami 2007).
Visa 11 RE in uncommon metallic beige (Visami 2007). Another Décapotable (Visami 2007). A Visa camp out meeting is not complete without a C15 Romahome (Visami 2007). Very nice Visa Club (Visami 2007).
A familiar sight in Nehren is this Visa Club. The yellow paint is very uncommon. Slightly revamped French Visa Décapotable (Visami 2007). Tastefully pimped Visa 11 RE (Visami 2007). Former C15 taxicab was converted into a camper (Visami 2007).
Subtly pimped C15 (Visami 2007). Hand painted 1985 Visa 11 RE showing up at the annual Dutch club meeting in Groesbeek, September 2007. Nice German 11 RE, Francemobile, September 2007. German Visa Club, Francemobile.
Normandy 2007
Quite smart two cilinder Visa at Francemobile. 1988 Visa two cilinder, Groesbeek, September 2007. Visa Club of 1985, Groesbeek, September 2007. Visa Club in Brecey, Normandy, with a Visa 17 RD just passing by, september 2007.
Normandy 2007
Normandy 2007
Normandy 2007
Normandy 2007
The Visa 17 RD of the previous picture, driven by an elderly French lady. C15 in Mortain, Normandy, September 2007. ...and another one. C15's are still very common in France. Visa Club near the Citroën dealer in Mortain, which housed another Visa, several older BX'es and a LNA.
Normandy 2007 Normandy 2007 2007 Normandy 2007
The other Visa Club in the Mortain dealer car park. The company C15 of the Mortain dealership. Citroën C15, Normandy, September 2007. C15 Grand Volume, Grancamp Maisy, Normandy, September 2007.
Normandy 2007 Normandy 2007 Drenthe 2007 Utrecht 2007
C15 in Avranches, Normandy, September 2007. Visa 17 D in Arromanches, Normandy, September 2007. Two cilinder 1984 Visa, participating in the autumn tour of the Dutch club, October 2007. 1984 Visa Club, Utrecht, November 2007.

All photographs © Okke Groot.

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