Visaville photo gallery 2008

These were the Visas spotted in 2008
(click at the images for a larger picture).

Rare brown Décapotable, Bunnik, January 2008. A 1986 Visa Club needing work at a workshop day of the Dutch club, Bunnik, January 2008. By far not as common as before: 1987 11 E Leader (Bunnik, January 2008). Some prefer the mechanical work, others just polish: 1984 11 RE in mint condition (Bunnik, January 2008).

Recently imported Visa 17 D Leader (Bunnik, January, 2008). 1987 11 RE (Bunnik, January, 2008). 1986 Visa 11 RE (Bunnik, January, 2008).. A Visa Club, seen during the Salon de Reims in March 2008.
First series Visa Club in Reims, March 2008... ...and a yellow one, also in Reims. Pig nosed Visa Super X was never imported to The Netherlands. One of the Dutch club members did in late 2007 and showed it during the spring tour in March, 2008. Interior of the Super X is very seventies, although it was produced in 1980.
Always nice to see: C15 Romahome (spring tour, March 2008). A C15 in Amsterdam, April, 2008.

Another C15 Romahoma near Amsterdam, April, 2008.

C15 Pick Up, shown during Citromobikle in Utrecht, May, 2008.
Two two cylinder Visas (Citromobile 2008). Early (1978) Visa Special gets off the transporter for the Dutch club stand during Citromobile 2008 C15 Grand Volume with camouflage pattern (Citromobile 2008) German Visa Club for sale (Citromoibile 2008).
Another Visa Club from Germany (Citromobile 2008). Visa Mille Pistes (Citromobile 2008). British Visa Club series 1 (Citromobile 2008). Nice 11 RE Décapotable (Citromobile 2008).
One of the Visa Chronos which visited Citromobile 2008. ... and one more... ...the next one please... ...and the last. It's good to see all those beautifully restored Chronos.
1985 Visa 14 TRS (Citromobile 2008). 1986 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2008). Belgian Visa two cylinder (Citromobile 2008). becoming rare: 1982 Visa II Club (Citromobile 2008).
1987 Visa 11 E Leader (Citromobile 2008). 1985 Visa Club (Citromobile 2008). 1983 Visa 11 RE Décapotable (Citromobile 2008). German Visa Club (Citromobile 2008).
Visa 17 RD (Citromobile 2008). German 11 RE (Citromobile 2008). 1987 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2008). 1984 Visa 11 RE (Citromobile 2008).
Series 1 Visa Club, recently imported from Belgium (Citromobile 2008). Visa 11 RE Décapotable (Citromobile 2008). Wrecked C15s in Fleurie (France), June, 2008. C15 in Lyon, June,. 2008.
Visa Club en route, Lyon, June, 2008 Visa GT (Fleurie, June, 2008). Visa 11 RE, Figueras (Spain), June, 2008. Visa Club series 1, La Française, June, 2008.
Visa Club series 1, La Française (France), June, 2008. A Visa 11 RE driving through Moissac (France), June, 2008. Visa Club in Moissac, June, 2008. A Visa 17 RD in Montauban (France), June, 2008.
C15 with hay roll, Vazerac, June, 2008. Visa 17 RD smoking around near Vazerac (Tarn et Garonne, France), June, 2008. Visa 11 RE in Cahors (France), June, 2008... ... being passed by its commercial brother.
C15, Cahors, June, 2008. C15, La Française (Tarn et Garonne, France), June, 2008. Visa Club pignose, one of several early Visas at VisAmi, Nehren (Germany), July, 2008. Another series 1 club (VisAmi 2008).
Good Visa 14 TRS (VisAmi 2008). Two Chronos in German war paint (VisAmi 2008). Another early Visa Club (VisAmi 2008). Visa in two tone paint (VisAmi 2008).
Nice original Visa II Special (VisAmi 2008). Very neat two cylinder (VisAmi 2008). Unusual metallic green costume fits this Visa Club very well (VisAmi 2008). Not very common either, a bronze Visa II Club (VisAmi 2008).
Silver GT (VisAmi 2008). Charming Visa Club (VisAmi 2008). Brown Visa Décapotable, one of a few still to be found in Germany (VisAmi 2008). Visa Club with rich non standard equipment (VisAmi 2008).
Red Visa Décapotable (VisAmi 2008) Tidy Visa Club (VisAmi 2008). Visa 17 D (VisAmi 2008). C15 E, formerly used by the Belgian army (VisAmi 2008).
Visa 14 S with unusual plastic body parts (VisAmi 2008). C15 after home made paint job (VisAmi 2008). Visa 17 D Leader (VisAmi 2008). Visa 17 D Leader, imported from Germany, Nieuwerbrug, August 2008.
Visa 17 RD with low kilometers, imported from Germany (Fête des Citadines 2008). Rather good and original Visa 11 RE (Fête des Citadines, Groesbeek, September 2008). Interesting Visa II Club Sun Air (Francemobile, Rheinberg, September 2008). For sale at Francemobile: Visa two cilinder...
...and Visa Club. C15 Grand Volume, Dordrecht, September 2008. Visa 11 RE in Leiden, October 2008. Visa Club at a rust prevention day of the dutch Club, November 2008

All photographs © Okke Groot.

Last updated: March 5, 2009.